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Family Relationship Services
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Family Relationship Services
We provide family mediation and relationship counselling
We envision a happy, positive, conflict-free and peaceful community
Relationship support services for individuals, families and communities
Counselling service available face-to-face, via telephone and online
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I have always been passionate about helping individuals lead a happy and positive life, which is conflict-free and well connected with everyone around them (family, friends, colleagues and community members). Learning and applying effective relationship management skills, which mainly include effective conflict resolution and communication skills can help achieve this.


My professional training began with a Bachelors degree in Psychological Science from University of South Australia. I received my Masters in Mediation and Conflict Resolution (Family specialization) from the same university in 2010. Additionally, I have completed my Masters in Applied Psychology (specializing in Clinical and Counselling Psychology). I am licensed as a Psychologist in Maldives. I have completed short trainings in critical incident stress management and first aid as well.


My main aim as a counsellor and mediator is to help you help yourself resolve any relationship or other mental health issues you are currently facing in your life. If you would like to know more about my background and practice, please do not hesitate to contact me. I very much look forward to helping you to create a life story that is positive, well connected with everyone around you and filled with love and joy!

For more information about my qualifications and background please visit  LinkedIn